What I witnessed of Boen’s treatment of Wren

This is in reference to the response to Wren’s article, “Why I left the Fight Knight project”. I’ve already given another statement on what I witnessed of Boen’s friend circle. I’m known as Flatwood and I am most well known for being the artist of Devil Engine. The musician of Devil Engine, Qwesta, is my younger brother. As this article requires the use of screenshots, Wren will be hosting it on her WordPress account to improve legibility.

Content warning for discussion of sexual abuse.

I was witness to Wren’s “breakdown” from its very start and have been witness to the very many panic attacks, flashbacks, and nightmares she’s had since.

If anyone can give testimony to what Wren’s mental state was like during the summer of 2020 and on, it’s me.

Boen’s gaslighting behaviours.

Tivo has posted this chat log and insinuated that Wren’s private server somehow amounted to her screeching angrily at us to not deny her “delusions”.

Here’s the rest of that chat log.

Throughout her time living with Boen and especially over the months prior, small items of Wren’s had begun disappearing. Pens, hair ties, and other small personal grooming items she used often had mysteriously vanished from their usual locations. Wren was notably meticulous and kept her items well organized and away from her cats. As more items began disappearing she often circled the room sifting through drawers repeatedly to look for where all her things had gotten to. She’d felt as if she was going mad.

The chat log Tivo saw fit to show the barest slip of was from our collective realisation that Boen had been gaslighting her in the truest sense of the word.

Wren had also begun to open up about issues she had with his behaviour during her panic attacks as well as issues during sex whereby Boen often “forgot” triggers she had from pre-existing sexual trauma. She had tried to be accommodating and encouraging as Boen often acted shy and insecure about his sexual preferences, but he sometimes seemed to almost flirt with triggering her on purpose, particularly in regard to choking or restricting her ability to move to the extent she was unable to signal pain or properly revoke consent.

If she confronted him afterward he would claim he could “tell” that she’d been excited by it, and with consideration to his “shyness” and “insecurity” initially she blamed herself for not being more clear. We tried to point out to her that she had been clear, and that he in fact seemed to enjoy deliberately triggering pain or trauma response in her and was simply feigning forgetfulness as a way to excuse himself of abusing her.

As she had no way to prove that Boen was doing any of these things deliberately, she shied away from speaking much on the topic in her document. I have no such qualms. It’s my opinion that Boen enjoyed crossing Wren’s boundaries and cajoling her into accepting his feigned ignorance.

Tivo’s visit to her Airbnb.

Tivo’s recollection of his visit to her Airbnb is laughably inaccurate. She gave us all the address and door code in case something happened to her. I was on voice chat with her at the time to make sure she had someone at hand to assure her that her nightmares were not reality.

Note the time stamps. Hardly two and a half hours had passed since her last response before he turned up at her door. Also of note is he doesn’t sound terrifically upset or concerned with her behaviour at the time.

She’d just finally managed to fall asleep for all of a few hours when Tivo took it upon himself to barge into her Airbnb without properly notifying her of his intention to check on her at that time. I heard her startle awake at the sound of the door opening and become terrified that Boen had somehow been sent the code to her door, as originally she had booked the Airbnb with his e-mail as well.

She was relieved, grateful, and embarrassed when she realized it was Tivo instead. Tivo offered to take her grocery shopping later, something she looked forward to, as she hadn’t been able to do anything “normal” or talk to anyone in person beside Boen for almost six months.

Shortly after this she learned that Tivo had been sending her chat logs to Boen all along and removed him from access to her server. He now sees fit to call her paranoid as he posts the very proof of his betrayal in public! It’s maddening to witness and imagine the hateful fool who can’t see what a farce their “good will” has amounted to.

Boen’s duplicitous nature and theft of credit.

Wren created her own Discord server with a very small number of her closest friends at the beginning of 2020. At this time, Boen, Clair, and I were all in Wren’s server. The atmosphere was much more personal and relaxed than our previous Discord server had been, and all of us felt much more comfortable to open up about our projects and personal lives there.

Boen didn’t speak very often, as he was more often in a different Discord or Mumble server with his childhood internet friends. When he did speak, it was either to give advice on development related things, or to vent about some frustrations he had with his other friends and team members.

He felt he’d been “too nice” to them all and let them take more credit and payment than they were due. He felt that without babysitting them all that hardly any work ever got done. Their behaviour was especially off-putting as they’d apparently begun blaming Wren for how long Fight Knight was taking to finish.

After Boen’s friends tried to turn me and my brother against Wren, Wren began to wonder if she should take herself off the credits to Fight Knight. She was afraid of receiving more harassment and insults should she put her name to her work. The perception that she was useless and only on the team due to being Boen’s girlfriend had begun to break down her spirits. Her physical health was still poor as well, but Boen insisted that he could work on other things while Wren recovered, as he felt Wren’s writing was well worth the wait.

All of us had seen how hard she worked and encouraged her to ignore any stupid comments she may receive questioning her merit.

Boen even went as far as to assert that Wren was more qualified to answer any questions about the main plot and major antagonists of Fight Knight, over Tivo or even himself.

But of course, now as is convenient to him, he claims she hadn’t done much work on the story at all. Or is it that he spent the past year having her work entirely replaced? I’m sure any number of excuses will do for him and his friends, so long as whatever it is, it’s her or someone else’s fault in the end that Fight Knight is now three years overdue.

Lies, and damned lies.

There’s countless other lies in their statements, some of which baffle me with their baselessness. I don’t recall her ever claiming Boen poisoned her water or somehow affected the pandemic situation. She’s paid thousands of dollars out of pocket to some of the composers of Devil Engine Ignition’s arranged soundtrack, the booth and promotional materials for Tokyo Game Show 2019. They admit to Boen’s lies about their revenue share and somehow make her supportiveness of Tivo’s contributions to Fight Knight just another one of her supposed “manipulations”.

Boen couldn’t even get Wren’s age correct. She was younger than 32 by at least two years! I’m assuming he is trying to insinuate that she had something of a position of power over him, which is laughable considering the man is nearly twice her weight and a half foot taller than her. She was utterly alone in Canada save for him. He had control over her pets and her items until I stepped in to try and negotiate their safe return to her. And yet he still insists on playing the victim.

I don’t know why Tivo and Boen have chosen to wholly ignore my statements on what I independently witnessed of their abusive behaviour toward Wren. I don’t know whether to be grateful or not that they’ve all taken it upon themselves to be exactly as vile and abusive toward her in public as they were covertly throughout her tenure on the Fight Knight project.

I suppose it’s made it easy for me to illustrate their hypocrisy when it comes to “cancel culture”. They were plenty happy to use Wren as their moral shield when they wanted to air their grievances with Dangen. And now they spit in the face of the idea of “allyship” by admitting that they saw fit to send her most vulnerable confessions directly to her accused abuser.

The only thing shocking to me about the reaction from the Fight Knight team is the brazenness with which they’ve finally come out in the open with their hateful drivel. I commend them for their honesty in at least this respect and this respect alone.

Working with Wren

I’ve worked with Wren on Devil Engine and other projects since 2017. My brother and I still work with her to this day.

Something apparent to anyone who’s worked with Wren or seen her at work is that she’s an incredible attention to detail and a quick and sharp wit. I’ve been amazed to watch her instantly word the perfect response to business inquiries that left most of us anxious and at a loss as to how to properly respond.

Even when negotiations turned hostile and we were being sent the most absurd and insulting messages from Dangen or otherwise, she somehow always maintained her composure and pieced together a polite but assertive response in kind. It took quite a lot to make Wren openly lose her temper in a professional context.

I watched Boen and his circle of sycophants shred apart her self esteem, her trust in others and her own memory, and finally her very sanity. And now they point to the effect of their abuse on her psyche as the very proof their abuse never occurred.

Boen began trying to insert himself onto the next Protoculture project during the beginning of 2020. He started to offer criticism of how the art should be done and spent some time programming a portion of the engine. He was a great fan of my brother’s music and lamented that he’d only met my brother after he’d already signed on his current musician, and complained about difficulties he had giving his current musician direction.

It should come as no surprise by now that I’d much rather work with Wren at her best or even through the depths of her worst nightmares. I’ve witnessed plenty of the pattern of how Boen treats the people he calls his collaborators and friends.